What you need to know about the importance of clever product packing

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A product package not only serves as a safe transportation, but also has a few other important roles. Product packaging helps customers to establish a connection between the product and the company. It also indicates the product’s quality and reveals what price level can be expected. To say so, it can be considered as an indication of origin. From the marketing point of few, a cool packaging design will help to attract buyers.

Your first thought might be “People do throw away the product package anyway”. And indeed, you are right with that idea of packing. But since purchasing decisions are always made on emotions, the wrap plays a huge role in the buying process. With an outstanding packaging design a company can stand out from the crowd. A cool look is adding a big value to your product.

Let’s think about Christmas for example. Which present would you pick first: The little one with the unloving gift wrap or the bigger one with the beautiful reindeer pattern? Yeah, you might pick the ugly one first, because you want to save the good one for the end – of course you care most about it. Until you get to it, your excitement is rising more and more. Since this beautiful fancy paper caught your attention, you can’t wait to unbox it, because now you are expecting an equally cool content from it. To be honest you don’t know which one contains the better gift, as the packaging influences your speculations.

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For another example let’s pretend you are doing your grocery shopping. You already put your favorite cornflakes in the supermarket trolley. Now you are on your way to get a milk to ensure your tomorrow’s breakfast. There you are, in front of a shelf with different milk products. Would you pick the milk with a clean white design or the pink-colored one with the flower pattern? Most certainly you will choose the white one, because you associate purity with milk.

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To clarify the value of good product packaging, we have some figures from a survey. Every year a company called MWV does an exploration called “Packaging Matters™” in order to find out, which impact packaging has on consumer’s purchasing behavior. This year MVV examined 7,665 test persons from ten different global markets: Brazil, China, Germany, India, Japan, Russia, South Africa, Turkey, the U.K and the U.S.

Here are a few interesting figures from their survey.

Purchase behavior:

64 % of people have tried something new because the package caught their eye
41% of people have reported purchasing a product again because of the packaging
36% of people have changed brands from a product they have purchased in the past because of new packaging

This survey also revealed a more or less shocking fact. Only 11% of all consumers are completely satisfied with product packaging. Frankly this is quite sad, especially as the appearance of a product packaging is the first connection to your product and your company.

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Now comes the part which matters most to you. Most important packaging attributes for consumers are performance.

Which features are important for overall product satisfaction when it comes to

1. Performance

Keeps product fresh 91%

Easy to reclose 75%

Easy to store 62%

2. Appearance

Made from green materials 45%

Shape is attractive 16%

Shape is unique 13%

Another survey provided the information that packaging enhances consumer’s confidence in brands.
With those decisive facts you can start to optimize your product packaging. To have an easy start here is a short checklist for you.

Sustainability and environmental awareness

A good packaging doesn’t have to be expensive and wasteful. Particularly with regard to environmental awareness of today’s society, it is advisable to create an eco-friendly packaging. Upcycled crafts and wraps made of recycled materials are in demand. Remember that according to Packaging Matters’ survey, almost 50% of the people attached importance to an eco-friendly packaging. Get inspired by these 50 creative and stunning eco-friendly packaging concepts.
Mommy Francis Packaging
Vim Popcorn Packaging

Choose a handy size

Packages that are difficult to transport or need much space for storage aren’t what customers are looking for. A tiny product doesn’t need a big packaging.

Eye-catching and part of experience

Try to create a design that is getting a lot of attention and stands out from the crowd. Especially if you are new to the market with your product it helps to engage potential buyers. Haptic characteristics can be of a big advantage. Who doesn’t want to interact with items?
Have a look at these great and innovative packaging designs.


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