What vemono is all about

Recently a lot of people asked us about details regarding vemono. Probably the information on our front page is simply not enough. For all of you, who are interested in what we are doing, why we are doing it and what vemono can do for you, I wrote this article.

Let’s look back first

Some of you might already know that we have been in the web business for quite a while. In the last years we managed to build a successful web agency, where we worked on a lot mostly local projects.

But let’s be honest: You are giving up a lot of creative work, when it is all about satisfying clients. And there are times, you think about all the great projects you could already have launched and you realize that you were always looking to create something bigger and above all something more scalable than a web agency. And doesn’t everybody dream of creating the next facebook with thousands of users?

How the idea of vemono grew

Over time we met a lot of great people: startups, agencies, mentors & friends. As we got into touch with those people, there was one question, which came up often:

„Hey, we are just about to launch our new product and we need a simple website where we can sell it. I heard you are into webdesign, isn’t there some cheap way to realize it?“

Now we had a problem: Although there are many eCommerce systems there is no good solution for selling a single product. Of course, there are magento, Oxid and XT Commerce as really great Shop CMS. But if you only have one product and some variants, then they don’t look very attractive unless you do a lot of customization work. And you also need hosting, installation service and a designer to make it a great shop.

Beside those vendors there are also some great cloud solutions (e.g. shopify.com). Some of them have nice template engines and they are pretty easy to set up. But still they are not that great, if you have only one product and want to create a one page layout. This is quite surprising as there are so many nice one page templates for wordpress & other Content Management Systems.

What we needed was a solution, which made creating a top-notch one product shop within minutes. So we decided to develop a system which bridges this gap in the market.

What you can expect of vemono

With vemono we are developing a simple, fast and secure cloud service, which helps you to create a webshop for your product with a few clicks. We will be focusing on design and create an easy to use template designer – you can certainly look forward to it!

There are reasons why some landing pages are selling and some others aren’t. Take a look at the apple landing page for the new mac pro for example. This is a well designed and well-conceived example of a perfect landing page. We want to make such designs accessible for startups and innovators and thus boost their product sales. To achieve this we will be using modern technologies and frameworks to guarentee maximal adaptability while observing modern user interface concepts.

Beside the user interface, vemono will be capable to cover the whole order processing (e.g. creating invoices and delivery slips). There will also be some marketing instruments included, which will help you to get the attention you need. Vemono can export your product to different market places like amazon and ebay. Vemono can also create your marketing campaigns connecting to google adWords and different affiliate networks. Of course you will be able to connect the most important payment providers to your vemono shop, too. You see, there are a lot of features and there is a lot of work to do.

It is our goal to make vemono the control center for selling your product online. And it is our goal that you are selling loads of products!

How much will it cost?

Right now, we are planning to offer different pricing plans. There will be an option without monthly fee, but some kind of transactional fee. This gives you the opportunity to test the system and see if it fits your needs. The other option will include a monthly fee and a much lower transactional fee – the details are not set at this stage.

If you like our project, you should definitely register your domain and subscribe to our list.

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