Now Entering the Ring for vemono: Melly **DING DING DING**

What’s new? I´m new! My name is Melly and I will prospectively be blogging for the vemono-blog and support the hardworking vemono-team. Let´s keep a long story short: I am 22 and live in Hamburg, Germany. After my International Baccalaureate I started University and am now a student at the SAE Institute to become a … Now Entering the Ring for vemono: Melly **DING DING DING** weiterlesen

A Guide to Maximize Conversion #2: Design and Structure

In this series, we will cover different ways to maximize your conversion. In part 1 we talked about the basics of conversion optimization. In this part we cover the design and structure of your website and how it can change the users interactions on your website. Take best practices serious When you start designing your … A Guide to Maximize Conversion #2: Design and Structure weiterlesen

What vemono is all about

Recently a lot of people asked us about details regarding vemono. Probably the information on our front page is simply not enough. For all of you, who are interested in what we are doing, why we are doing it and what vemono can do for you, I wrote this article. Let’s look back first Some … What vemono is all about weiterlesen

We’ve been awarded – „Gründercampus Niedersachsen“

We are lucky to announce that we’ve been awarded by the jury of the „Gründercampus Niedersachsen“. Although this happened some month ago, we felt like we should let you know. About „Gründercampus Niedersachsen“ Every year the European Union and the business development professional bank nbank awards some of the most excellent ideas in Germany. We … We’ve been awarded – „Gründercampus Niedersachsen“ weiterlesen

Finally… we are online!

It is hard to decide, what to write about in your first blog post. We decided to publish a short, boring „hello world“-like post about our start-up, goals and current achievements. So first of all: welcome! What vemono is about Vemono is a german-based startup (to be exact: from a midsized town called Braunschweig). We … Finally… we are online! weiterlesen