Sell your product more efficient with your own Facebook Store

Your free opportunity to sell and share your product(s) online.

Facebook store – a very useful Facebook application – will allow you to sell products directly within your Facebook page. Your customers and friends can buy your product(s) and share them with their friends and followers, which will draw more attention to your store. This is basically a free marketing tool that doesn’t involve a lot of work or even programming skills.

You can find the application within the drop-down menu

but you also have the possibility of changing the order of the tabs. By rearranging you can for example display your Facebook shop instead of your timeline as your first tab.

There will soon be a service integrated within our vemono-system that will give you the opportunity of linking your vemono-shop to a Facebook store by automatically inserting your product into it. This makes sure it is the easiest way for you to share your product with customers and friends.

The Facebook store is presented like any other application within your companies Facebook page and includes the application iFrame – a layout application with which you can embed a mini site on your page in minutes. Sadly most of the big companies have taken their shop offline because it wasn’t successful. This was because they had a wide variety of goods and Facebook store possibilities are limited. A reason to still apply a shop would be if you are a band (for example selling tickets and shirts), a small or mid-sized enterprise or if you have a product available like when you are using vemono – a single product – because it is a great way to promote and boost the knowing of your product. A survey among 1,600 businesses – most of them small or mid-sized enterprises – reveals that 15 percent of their revenue in 2011 came from selling on Facebook. Moreover, that percentage grew to 17.7 in the first quarter of 2012.

When you entrench a Facebook store it is of advantage to stick with the Facebook color and style so the visitor doesn’t have the feeling of “leaving” Facebook. This can be good for your conversion and turnover. Furthermore choose a profile- and coverphoto that suits your shop and take up your companies’ colors.


• promotion and marketing of your business(es) and product(s) by reaching a larger number of people

• real-time interaction and updating of the store

• you can use any webhost that is supported


• the application can not be opened by mobile devices

• you need an SSL-Certificate (it is not a disadvantage in itself – but not all hosting companies support SSL)

There are still some issues occurring with f-commerce (facebook-commerce) that still need to be solved:

  1. Security – f-commerce security needs be as secure and be seen to be as secure as e-commerce. Facebook offers SSL; you need to use it and be seen to be using it

  2. Privacy – like email signup, you’ll need to tell shoppers what you will or will not do with their personal details

  3. Personal Details – keep it to a minimum – do you really need to ask for a phone number?

  4. Localization – if its a deal only available in one local market or in your own country – let people know – Facebook is a global platform

  5. Browser compatibility – the store should work in all major browsers, even non web standards browsers such as the Internet Explorer

Right now the future of f-commerce is written in the stars. Only time will tell what the future of f-commerce will be. A lot relies on how much Facebook will be willing to develop f-commerce. Facebook has identified small and mid-sized businesses as the means to a successful end.

Make sure that you make use of this huge market and set up a Facebook store. People – it’s free!



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