Pinterest for business – A beginner’s guide


For those who are in the dark right now and don’t have the slightest idea of Pinterest: Pinterest is an online bookmarking tool for finding and collecting creative inspirations.
This platform became one of the most visited websites to get input for almost everything. People (re-)discover their creativity through other people’s ideas shown in pictures or videos. Regardless of whether they are looking for new cooking ideas or suggestions to decorate their homes, Pinterest gives them a handful inspirations and further triggers their own sense of inventiveness. In contrast to a simple google search, it provides easy and quick comprehensible results. Why is that? I would claim, that the visual aspect of this platform is the recipe for its success. It is no secret that visual content works more effective than non-visual.

A long time ago, people used this platform predominantly for their private needs. Meanwhile the impact of this platform increased and therefore many companies recognized the power of Pinterest marketing. The commercial use of this online pinboard not only brings you likes, clicks or repins but also sales. Pinterest opens up possibilites to drive traffic to your website and to get some meaningful consumer insights. Now is time for you, to join the most popular online bookmarking tool in the world. But first have a look at some interesting things about Pinterest.

Facts about Pinterest

Most pinned categories:

Food & Drink
DIY & Crafts
Home Décor
Holidays & Events


Pins on Pinterest are (almost) immortal

A pin needs 3.5 months to get 50 % of its engagement – it is 1,680 times longer than a facebook post. Additonally search results on pinterest can be scrolled till infinity. Therefore your content on Pinterest is blessed with kind of immortality.

83% of active users prefer to follow a brand than a notable celebrity

Doesn’t that sound perfect to you as a company? Your brand is way more interesting than a TV star.

75% of everyday’s Pinterest traffic comes through mobile users

Before starting your Pinterest career make sure that your website is mobile-friendly and won’t chase this target group away.

80% of all pins are repins

Strive to be a part of the elected 20% that get repined.

Excellent length of description

The text of your description shouldn’t comprise more than 200 words. It is said that the perfect length is between 100 and 200 words. Brevity is the soul of wit!



Create a business account

Just as Facebook, Pinterest provides the possibility to create a business account. Take it! Because your usage is of commercial background the terms are a bit different. Be sure to know the rules before your start.
You will have lots of advantages through supplied analyses for your account. You get insights about their origin, gender and a lot more. If you verify your account, you will be able to track your visitors even better.

Write a catchy description

You have to sum up the purpose of your brand or product in only 160 characters. Don’t use hashtags, they won’t be interpreted by Pinterest.

Connect with other social media channels

Within the settings it is possible to connect your other business social media accounts, like Twitter or Google+. Except of Facebook that only allows a private account.

Share it!

Don’t forget to tell your fans on other platforms about your Pinterest profile. Thus your first followers will come immediately.

Now that you have some basic knowledge about Pinterest, here are some tips for your start.

How to start

Know the ideal image size

Have a look at this cheat sheet to adjust your pictures to the right image size in order to optimize the click rate.

Be careful with using Hashtags.

Hashtags on Pinterest work different than on other social media channels. Even if you add some in your description, it is possible that your pins don’t show up on search results. Not all hashtags will be indexed and none of them are shown mobile. Hashtags only work in descriptions, not in board names.

Pinterest also shows content that is associated with your pin. Users tend to be distracted on Pinterest very easily. Thus they may forget about their actual search word and land on someone else’s board. To work against divergence lost, choose your hashtag names wisely and limited. Preferably use unique hashtags for your brand.

Get some friends and build relationships

To be successful on Pinterest you have to follow the concept of give-and-take. Since this platform has already millions of users, it isn’t possible to come and get tons of followers straight away by only pinning a few photos. Rather it is the case that you are going to drown in the mass. That is why your first task is to find your “friends” there. Reach out for influencers that can be useful: Boards and users that suits to your brand or product type or helping to grow it. Start to follow them, leave comments which people are willing to respond and of course repin some of their pins. Don’t become desperate if they don’t engage at your first approach. Keep at it and they will come across your account faster than you may think and also share your pins.

Join collaborative boards

A next significant step, is to collaborate with your “friends”. Your content won’t spread by itself. Offer them to join one of your boards to pin their content. Furthermore you should aim to contribute to their boards. Ask if you can join so called “collaborative boards” to spread your content.

Welcome and embrace your followers warmly

If people start following your boards, commenting and liking your pins you have done great work so far. Don’t think of resting on your laurels now. It is time to interact with your fans now. Reply to their comments, have a look at their boards and like some of their pins. If some of them are popular pinners that might have good influence on your boards, try to conntect with them.

Make them pinnable!

To increase the number of other people pinning your pictures, you have to make photos on your blog or website pinnable. How? By embedding a code in your html, which adds so-called “Pin It buttons”. The buttons will appear if the visitors of your website hover over your pictures. Within a few steps you can make it happen. Check out this short tutorial.

Integrate some rich pins

A rich pin comes with kind of special effects. This kind of pin contains extra information gathered from your website, which will be updated automatically when anything changes. At the moment Pinterest provides six different kinds of rich pins: app, movie, recipe, article, product and place. Product pins for example include real time pricing, availability and where to buy. In order to use rich pins you have add meta tags on your website. Check out this link for more information.

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