Now Entering the Ring for vemono: Melly **DING DING DING**


What’s new?

I´m new! My name is Melly and I will prospectively be blogging for the vemono-blog and support the hardworking vemono-team. Let´s keep a long story short: I am 22 and live in Hamburg, Germany. After my International Baccalaureate I started University and am now a student at the SAE Institute to become a web designer and developer. I´ve spent half my life in other countries getting to know different cultures and lifestyles and what is best about my profession is that wherever you are or you want to go – with internet access and a computer you can “go to work”. I like everything that is new so the internet is a great work environment to satisfy my needs. In my free time I watch movies and series, go out for drinks spontaneously, ride my racer and even though it is painful to admit I do spend some time on playing League of Legends. I work in a Bar once a week to keep the networking going and to be part of the nightlife as I am not specifically a morning person.

But like I said. Short. Usually I have a lot to say and on most topics I could flood you with information. Not when it comes to describing myself – then suddenly I turn silent. But that shouldn’t be a problem considering the fact that my posts are going to be on other topics and not my personal history or hobbies. With this intro I will leave you to it and hope my posts can be of help and give new perspectives on things.

Thanks for making it to the end. I appreciate it 😉
“See” you soon!

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