New crew member – Lisa


Hi there 🙂

My name is Lisa and I recently joined the vemono crew for an internship. As I am in fortune to be the new crew member, I am going to support the team for the next five months in many different tasks. My responsibilities include both creating layout designs and writing blog posts. Additionally I am here to take care of customers and supporting them in any way I can.

To my person:

Like already mentioned, I’m called Lisa and thanks to Birger only recently Liz. I recently moved for my practical semester from Bavaria to Hamburg. Frankly you should better not ask a woman for her age … but I am going to enlighten you anyway: it’s 23.
I study Information Management and Corporate Communications in the fourth semester. It’s a bachelor’s degree with subjects like the name already says called, information and programming techniques and corporate communications and a wide range of interesting other courses: marketing, web engineering and media design, project management, …
I like to keep myself busy most of the time. It’s like: Hey Lisa, a rolling stone gathers no moss. One of my favourite quotes, by the way. Thus I am always in search of new adventures, challenges. I’m very much into music, mostly into The Kooks. In my spare time I like to spend time with friends and enjoying the nightlife with them. Also, I fancy cooking and shopping. Basically, most what’s typical for a today’s student. Of course there are also quiet moments in my life, which I like to use for reading books or watching series.
What else can I tell? I do love travelling a lot. It’s about the experience of getting to know different cultures, making friends all over the world and of course relaxing in the sun at a beautiful beach. I’ve already visited many cities of different countries in the world, for example London, Venice, Galway, Dublin, New York, Rom, Amsterdam, Makarska, Cesenatico, Nice, Barcelona, …

To come to an end …
I hope to feed you with tons of blog entries with plenty of useful tips over the following months. Above all I hope to be a good companion on your way with vemono.
PS: Feel free to contact me, I’m always happy to help.
See you soon!


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