How to use subpages to increase your conversion

In view of the occasion that we proudly present our new feature –Subpages – we want to point up their essentiality.
Everybody talks about conversions or conversion rates. For those readers being in the dark right now: As a provider of a website you should have goals. As a user of vemono it is your primary goal to sell your product. In this case every sale counts as a conversion. That’s why you have to aim for a high conversion rate. In this blog entry I will show you why subpages are necessary and how they can help you to increase your conversion. If you want the fast version click at our infographic below.

To be honest even though online businesses are still growing, it’s also getting more and more difficult to sell on the web when you are new to the market. The reason for that is that a customer has the opportunity to compare a wide range of products and online shops. Welcome to the survival of the fittest! There is all the more reason to know what your customers are expecting.

Let’s start from Scratch

I am going to start with a little background information. First of all I want to sum up a few things that matter in general when it comes to customer bonding and customer behavior.
As you may already know, people don’t buy products. No, I am serious, they don’t. They are buying benefits and brands. To go one step further, they are buying emotions.

Emotional selling

It is a matter of emotional selling. It has been long known that people buy their products on emotion. Nowadays’ sales successes are all about the ESP (Emotional Selling Proposition). Emotions are the most important reason for buying branded articles. Let me give you an example. Many yoghurts in the supermarket have exact the same ingredients but you are likely to grab the ones with a popular brand name, aren’t you? It’s all about a certain idea about the company in your head, possibly a hip design, an exclusive name, good experiences with their interactive website and of course your trust in their product.

The word brand not just means a cool logo. It is how a person perceives you as a whole. Many aspects play an important role, like your advertisement (online and offline), social media profiles, your website, your support staff and so on. In a sort every numeration counts to promote your brand. A strong brand has the association of reliability and trust and also serves as a status symbol. Remember the fact that products have a life circle but good brands remain in people’s minds. Therefore it’s important to create an excellent image of your company both internally and externally.

Trust, trust, trust

As you can see trust is the keyword number one. At first glance it may seem that a good communication with your client is enough to have him on your site, but actually it is not. The core of every relationship still remains trust. Trust is the foundation of building and maintaining a healthy rapport. Trustworthiness implies safety. And again we stumbled over emotions, namely feeling save. One of many advantages of building trust is word of mouth recommendation. Isn’t it right that your trust in someone is depending on someone else’s trust in him? This fact is called social proof. Win trust of many people in order to increase your buyership.

Social proof

From my own experience I can tell that most of my buying decisions are made on other people’s reviews. Do you know that phenomenon? Reviews are one of many indicators of social proof. Another example is when experts or celebrities talk about a product on TV. If they are that convinced to talk about it on TV, it must be the right thing to have it. We blindly trust their opinion and therefore are willing to purchase. Social proof is an easy solution and relieves us from being responsible for that action. You see, that it is of importance to have your fans. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Co can be a good way to influence your customers.

Thus everything I told you in the last text paragraphs reduce to the fact that people buy emotions. One good way to put this knowledge into action in order to increase your conversion rate is adding meaningful subpages. If you use them right you can affect your visitors behavior.

Subpages – What’s important

About us

I’m going to start with the typical page “About us”. Nearly every online retailer has an “about page” nowadays. However it can be the trigger for your website user to make his decision – be it commitment or goodbye. Many companies haven’t realized the importance of this site yet and consider it as a bothersome “Must-have”. What a surprise that their so to say online business card is filled with boring nonsense. What I am trying to say, this is your chance to stand out from the crowd. Your task is to create a significant portrait of yourself. How? Here are a few tips.

At first don’t tell endless stories of your foundation. Focus on storytelling, in order to reach people’s feelings. What’s the story behind your product? (Reminder: ESP)

Second to mention is that users are interested in what your action had been for your customers in the past and what you are going to do in the future. Involvement in charity projects is also a bonus for your corporate image.

Third aspect is trying to create a visual portrait of your company. It has been proof that people process visual content faster than non-visual. Add professional photos of your team to the site to create a personal touch to your company.
But not only customers are targeted to have a look at this page. It’s also a fast and easy way for business partners or applicants to inform themselves about the mission of your company. Thus it’s a onetime chance to have a marvelous presentation and to convince them.


Another significant point is to provide your website with a “FAQ” site in order to offer a self service option. Many customers avoid direct contact and want to solve problems on their own. Give them the chance to do it. They will appreciate it and be happy to be empowered.

First aspect is to use active voice in your sentences. By using the active voice it conveys the feeling that you have a direct contact to your customer. Furthermore active sentences consist of less words and are way easier to read. Passive is mostly used to cover responsibilities and will not help to satisfy your customer.

Secondly create a good and proper layout to give readers the chance to comprehend even complex matters fast. Leaving white space between elements also contributes to an easy read.

Thirdly think about what your client wants to know. What issues could not be clear. It might help to ask some real customers what aspects of your website or product constitutes an obstacle. Don’t forget to update your FAQ regularly.

Customer support

In times where most purchases are made online you have to offer an excellent customers support online. “Customer support” is the next suggest for a subpage, since you are not able to distinguish yourself through your staff in one of your stores. There’s no more face-to-face conversation where your salesperson can give a warm and friendly welcome to your customers and solve problems with a nice smile. You have to provide a unique service over distance.

Firstly a live chat will be a great opportunity to get a real connection to your potential buyers. In case your support platform doesn’t provide proper solutions it’s likely to have annoyed customers. A live chat can prevent that dissatisfaction and make your website visitors leaving happy.

Secondly give your clients the opportunity to reach you on many different ways: Social Media, e-mail, telephone, … People tend to switch between different communication tools. Some problems might be better to solve on the telephone others easier to solve in an email. There is talk of an approach to omni-channel. The option to reach you 24/7 would be superlative.

Thirdly place friendly and please genuine pictures of your smiling service team to your site. The main reason is to get out of the anonymity that’s a general problem when you’re online. Sometimes it’s a challenge to differentiate between fake and reality. Furthermore wouldn’t you want to know with whom you’re talking?

Additionally, subpages with good content lead to higher ranking and improve your SEO. It’s not right to assume that all internet users enter a website by its front page. Despite this may occur suspect to you, people surfing on the internet mostly find websites because of keywords from subpages. This happens due to the mentioned word they are searching for or the covering of their desired topic.

To sum up subpages are a required feature on your homepage. To go way beyond it is crucial to provide these sites with outstanding content to have a chance in today’s online business. Don’t hesitate and create some exceptional subpages by following my tips.


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