How to make unboxing a great experience for your customers

In the last blog article we talked about the importance of a cool packaging design in order to attract customers. If you haven’t read it yet, check out this link. The following post is about extras that value up your shipping cartons and thus your shipment. This means you provide an additional benefit to make your customer buy again and surpass all of his expectations. Your aim never should be to only meet consumer expectations but to add a surprise to their satisfaction – a positive and unexpected surprise of course! Since competitors never sleep you have to take every chance to stand out the mass. Especially when it comes to first-time buyers it is significant to schmooze them in any way you can: customer service, discounts and a lot more. It is not a secret that people love to interact with people and of course items. Furthermore the trend of unboxing products in youtube videos is still increasing. Unbelievable, but that really exists! People unwrap their package and tell how it feels like to open it and of course what the product comes with. Sometimes there is an direct comparison with a similiar product – either you win or you lose.
To know how this unboxing videos work, check out these links:

18-Karat Gold Apple Watch Edition Unboxing!

Candy Chat + Candy Club Unboxing🍭🍬

Angry Birds Toy Surprise Jake NeverLand Pirates Disney Pixar Cars2 Spongebob Huevos Sorpresa

Disney PETER PAN Blu-Ray Unboxing! Walmart Exclusive with Funko Vinyl Figure! by Bin’s Toy Bin

Opening Amazon Despicable Me Minion Minions Packaging Box with Special Minions Tic Tac

Use this trend to increase your reach and win the unboxing competition. Let’s make the act of unboxing a great experience for all of your precious customers.
Here are some ideas that are really easy to implement. Not all of them are fitting to the size of your company or rather the number of orders. However there are small things with great effect that you can adjust to your business.

A handwritten card beats every electronic message

Write a note on a beautifully designed postcard and put it in your shipping carton. A nice “thank you” and a few kind words are quickly written. Also it gives a personal touch which is a perfect way to get rid of online business’ anonymity. Since online shoppers don’t have direct contact to a friendly sales person it is important to fill this gap with other things to attain engagement and customer bonding.

Create an attractive and outstanding box design

Do you agree with me, that simple brown boxes are boring? There is nothing exicting about unpacking an unloving box. I am sure that your company has got a great corporate design. All you need to do is to transfer the existing design elements to your packaging design. Don’t create totally new design features, because that will confuse your customers or dilute your corporate identity. At the end of this blog article you will get some inspirations.

Everybody loves confetti

A really simple and kind of sweet thing is to fill your shipping boxes with a little confetti. Almost everyone loves confetti, not cleaning it up though, but that is not your business. You might have paper sheets or cartons that you will have to throw away anyway. Why don’t make confetti of it? Upcycle your paper and give it a second chance to be useful!

Personalize your shipping boxes with your branding

Your company has a cool logo? Then why not present it in every possible way! Make your shipping boxes individual and special in order to have a better chance to stay in the people’s minds. Zalando, amazon and Trimble already got branded boxes.

Wooly Heads

Free merchandise for reward

Do you have any shelf warmers or remaining stock in your storeroom? That is perfect! Use them as giveaways for first buyers. Furthermore you can reward your loyal customers. Especially materialistic-oriented buyers will become returning customers.


Treats are always a good way to say thank you. Also it is a possibility to collaborate with another company. Just check the best-before date in advance.


Coupons with discount codes definitely motivate your customers to buy again. If you add an expiration date they are likely to buy again soon. For more information concerning coupon marketing, click here.

Here are some recent examples from companies that recognized the benefit of a cool packaging design.

Do you know the small and yellow characters called minions? Amazon had a great idea in cooperation with Universal Pictures and the animation studio Illumination Entertainment: Amazon changed their shipping box design to promote the new Minion movie. People were thrilled, when postmen rang their bell and handed over this yellow package. However they are only available in the US. In the States those boxes became a real hype, since the boxes are different and people started to collect them. Also some people just bought something on Amazon to get one of those boxes.


Michael Bierut made a new brand identity for His lovely packaging designs contributed much to the success of the new identity. Beautiful hand-drawn typography decorates the company’s shipping cartons. See by yourself why:

The company – charles s. anderson design co – recognized the importance of attractive packaging design in order to make customers happy. So they created these incredible boxes for CustomInk:


Steve Haslip created an innovative package called “hangerpak” that is made of 80 % recycled paper. What makes it so special is the fact that it can be transformed into a coat hanger. Consequently customers can save money for hangers and what is much more important – it reduces waste. Unfortunately no company has been willing to use it so far.

To sum up, decoration of your shipping boxes can be of big advantage. Firstly you will create a great unboxing experience for your buyers by creating an additonal benefit. Secondly your company will stay positive in people’s minds. Thirdly it is very likely that your customers tell friends and other people about you and even recommend your company – maybe they even shoot an unboxing video review! Good luck!

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