How to get more attention on Pinterest

Pinterest became an important tool for millions of users to bookmark things for different reasons. Be it for example a cooking recipe or beautiful destinations to go on vacation – the wide range of possibilities doesn’t know any limit.

The time is long ago, that companies used Pinterest to complement their Social Media presentation. Meanwhile this social bookmarking tool is a crucial part of most businesses’ strategies. Since many marketers already have recognized that, it is getting harder to gather followers and increase pinners’ engagement. In order to grow your fanbase, drive more traffic to your website and boost your sales, you have to mind some important things. That is why I provide a few tips for you in order to improve your Pinterest performance. If you need more basic information about Pinterest check out my Pinterest guide for beginners.

Confirm your website

To represent your trustworthiness, it is significant to verify your website. Within your account settings you can click the button next to your entered landing page web address. This way you will get a code which you have to integrate into the html code of your website.

Chose appropriate Categories

Don’t forget to allocate different categories to your boards. It’s important not to put images with different topics on one board. Within the settings of every board, you can choose between plenty of topics. This enables the Pinterest algorithm to match your content to search results.

Pin several times per day

In contrast to other social media platforms, Pinterest is about mass. By start posting multiple times a day the level of engagement is going to rise rapidly. Whereas Buffer recommends to do five pins a day, Michelle MacPhearson advises to post daily 20 to 30 times. Therefore my tip for you is to find a good compromise through own tests.

Ease your workload

If you don’t use it already, your new best friend is going to be a management tool for social media posts. Since I mentioned that it is important to pin frequently a day, you should look for a software that supports your task. Thus you can collect and schedule your posts for a couple of days in order to minimize your workload.

Create rich pins

Pinterest users don’t primarily intend to do shopping on this platform, but also aren’t reluctant to it. Rich pins are a special kind of pins. They are equipped with extra information gathered from your website, which will be updated automatically when anything changes. There are various types in this pin category which can contain maps, addresses, real time pricing or cooking ingredients. Click here to learn more about rich pins and how to use them.

Create a blog or/and infographic board

Pinterest is also a good way to promote your blog posts and infographics. The name of your board should contain relevant keywords. Write a good description for every blog pin and add a high quality image which is related to the topic. If your blog entries contain infographics, you can also use them or even create an own board for your graphics. Don’t forget to integrate a direct link to your post.

Optimize your landing page

Meet your visitors’ expectations. What this means? Ensure that your pin has something to do with the content you display when people click on the “website” button. Another important point you have to consider, is to include Pin it buttons on your website. Thus you allow visitors of your website to pin your images on their boards.

Delete pins from time to time

Yes, this is not a joke. Divest yourself of pins, that don’t work well. This means, that you have to check which pins get likes or even get repined and which not. Pictures, that Pinterest users don’t engage with, will diminish your chance to be shown as relevant content for any kind of search results. If you have only Pins that are popular (repined at least one time) then the algorithm will recognize that your content is worth sharing with a wide audience and your pins will appear in search results. Of course you shouldn’t delete a non-clicked pin after a week, because a pin needs 3.5 months to get 50 % of its engagement.

Promoted Pins

If you want to take matters into your own hands, promoted pins are your thing. Pinterest offers so-called “Promoted Pins” to only companies based in the U.S.. The principle is a very old and simple one. You can pay money to get your pins to top positions in search results. Consequently it is ensured, that your pins will be seen by way more people.

Use the right image size

A suitable size of your images is also advisable. In the last blog post I provided some information. Here is a link to check it out.

Show your human side

It is advisable to reflect to your visitors, that you are not unapproachable, but to represent that your company has a human core. Create a board that is not directly connected to your company’s purpose. A board with motivational and inspirational quotes or travel ideas are good examples.

Create keyword-rich descriptions

Since Pinterest is kind of a search engine like Bing or Google, there is no way that keywords are negligible. Pinterest search is based on keywords, so it is crucial to use them right in order to be listed in user’s search results. Check out this short guide for information.

Now your task is to implement those tips to better reach out for your potential fans and thus drive more traffic to your website.



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