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We want to give our first subscribers something special. So we have been brainstorming a while about a way to make subscribing more attractive for you. There are many startups and prelaunch pages out there so you have to offer something special to gain attention. This is what we have for you:

Register your subdomain *

We chose to open up domain registration. As one of our first subscribers you can register your own subdomain. Later you can use this domain for your own shop. At such an early stage, chances are good that your desired name is still available. So, you should grab your free subdomain at
Grab your subdomain

Get a free product page

Furthermore you can create your own product page, which currently consists of the name of your product and an image of your product. If you already sell your product on your homepage you can optionally add a link to your page.
create a product page

Checkout our example page, to see what your page may look like
Example Page

Why you should register now?

As I mentioned above, chances are good that your desired shop name is still available. In additition you can present the page you created to your facebook, twitter and gplus followers to get their attention.
For the SEOs among you: The free backlink should give you some link power ;).

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