Finally… we are online!

It is hard to decide, what to write about in your first blog post. We decided to publish a short, boring „hello world“-like post about our start-up, goals and current achievements. So first of all: welcome!

What vemono is about

Vemono is a german-based startup (to be exact: from a midsized town called Braunschweig). We are a team consisting of four people, who all have some „web-startup-experiences“. We have been working as a webagency for a while and during this time we received a lot of requests regarding the development of a single-product-shop.

Now, there are a lot of systems which are capable to realize such a shop, but the costs / effort to setup such a solution for only one product often exceeds the clients budget. Especially as many of those clients are startups themselves. This lead us to the idea to develop a cloud shop system, which is affordable and focuses on selling one single product. Vemono was born.

We will get more detailed about our idea in another blog post, which leads us to the question:

What can you expect from this blog?

First of all we will give some insights into our startup adventure. You will find some tips about online-marketing, tech-stuff and other things that will come to our minds. In addition you will find tips and thoughts about the way to sell online and build an online-business.

Of course you will also find status updates and get a deeper insight into the vemono system.

Follow up

We have just begun development and it took some time for us to setup the organizational stuff – but we did it and finally we can present our subscriber page:

We would love to see your email on our subscriber’s list.

If you are not that much into email ;), you can follow us on facebook or twitter.

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