Different ways you can use Snapchat for your business


In the last article we showed you a handful reasons why your company should be on Snapchat. Besides the possibility to create unique visualization, it is also much easier to show your human side via Snapchat. It allows you to share amateurish content, what is absolutely intended and welcome by your audience. Photos and videos don’t have to meet very high requirements, since they are only available for not more than one day. Needless to say, that this doesn’t mean that your content doesn’t have to be planned well.

All things you share on Snapchat should fulfil the following low features:

  • Short, meaningful and relevant for your audience
  • Provided in an entertaining, interactive and catchy way

This article will provide different ways you can integrate Snapchat in your social media marketing.

1. Building long-lasting customer relationships

Since nowadays almost every business in the world is on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest, Snapchat opens up new opportunities for your company to be special. By now the usage of Snapchat among the business world is not very common, thus you can start from pole position.
Loyal customers are exception, not the rule. Therefore it is your prior task to help them to identify with your company or brand in order to feel an affective attachment. Furthermore people expect you to deliver something unique, that blows their minds. A significant aspect is to let them feel special and valuable for you.

How you can achieve that?

1.1 Storytelling

You can use Snapchat for telling a story. What about a visualization of your business creation? Do you have a unique company’s mission you want the whole world to know? Now is your chance to stand out the mass and take your follower further than the obligatory “About us” page on everyone’s website.

Tip: Build up an exciting story by providing only one snap a day. It has to be clear that it is an on-going tale. Additionally you can e.g. announce that there is going to be a question at the end of your story. The correct answer will be rewarded with a prize. Don’t forget to mention where the answers should be send to. To learn more, scroll down to the contest paragraph.

1.2 Sneak peaks

Is a new product entering the market soon? Are you in the middle of a product development process? Take your audience step per step through the development procedures. Share photos and videos from some stages of development. This ensures you a profound connection between your followers and the product. As they are involved since the first steps of the production it is likely that they are thrilled to possess it.

1.3 Special offers

You can let your fans feel special and give them insider access to information and discount codes only on this social media channel. Every human being strives for being appreciated and that is what you have to convey to your Snapchat audience.

1.4 Show your human side

As Snapchat is a perfect way to share any kind of snapshots, you are able to let your fans have a look behind the curtains. For example you can show your happy employees. This action not only helps your audience to identify with your workers and the company, but also attracts talented and motivated potential employees. On an eye-level presented content will enhance the commitment of your fans and makes your company or brand more reachable.

What you can also do is ….

To run a contest

Why not doing a contest with Snapchat? Check out this guide in order to learn how to run a successful one on Snapchat.

Promote products and business related services

Snapchat is also qualified for advertising. Short testimonial videos on an amateurish, casual level can be a more effective advertisement for your product than an article in a magazine with dozens of others. Furthermore you can promote for example your newsletter or events.


Do you look for talented people to expand your staff? Give it a try on Snapchat! List short information what you search for and set a link to the job description.



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