6 tips to get (more) customer reviews

Since we talked in the last blog article about the importance of customer reviews, this post contains tips how to get them.

I’ve got 3 golden rules for you in advance, that you have to be aware of, before reading this article.

1. Customer reviews are a number thing. The more you get, the better.

2. If you are doing a good job – that means you’re doing more than is expected – you have no reason to fear bad reviews.

3. A positive feedback will be the cheapest advertising with the biggest impact on people’s buying decision.

As most people are looking for their work-life balance and such things, they don’t consider to waste time to give feedback for every purchase they do. That is why it is your turn to solicit them to review your service.

6 tips to get (more) customer reviews

1. Reason why

Many customers aren’t aware of the significance of their reviews. They don’t have the slightest idea, that their feedback also benefits themselves and other clients in the future. Every single feedback counts to firstly improve a business’ service and secondly to help it to survive in the huge jungle of offerings. Convey to your clients how important reviews are for the perfection of your service and of course for your continued existence. For you it is no question that you want to provide the best service, but you also have to tell your clients. How you can do this? Integrate a little banner on your website or add an explanation in your emails. Another opportunity is to write a short sentence at the end of your invoice, that you would be very thankful to get reviewed and why.

2. Ask

If you want something from your clients why don’t you just ask? How will your customer know what is on your mind when he even can’t see your face. Just think of common situations in your everyday life. You and your friends go out for dinner to eat the best burger in town. What is the waitress going to do? Right! The same. While bussing the table she asks how you liked the food. Your task is to overcome the anonymity of online businesses. That means to give your purchasers the feeling that you are trustworthy and it is not so different to buy in your online shop than buying in the next city center’s outlet. And what is more to let them know that their feedback counts. The best time to ask them, is a few days after the purchase. Send an invitation via email to your customers to request feedback about their shopping experience. The happy customer will do it straight away. Don’t forget the explanation from number 1.

But to be honest not all people are born reviewers. That’s why we come to the next possibility: Offer incentives.

3. Reward

I would say there are two different kinds of people in this world when it comes to reviewing. Firstly the blabbermouth – that is your man – and secondly the lazybones.


People of this kind can’t wait to tell their family and friends and even the whole world about their experience. They usually read a bunch of reviews before choosing their product and business. Chatterboxes attach huge importance to other people’s experiences and opinions. They already realized the relevance of customer reviews and therefore are willing to share their own good and bad experience. Since this type will review you most likely anyway you have to focus on the lazybones.


Lazybones is a hard nut to crack. He doesn’t see any sense in reviewing and prefers other things to do in his precious time. There is only one point lazybones will be an advantage for your business: dissatisfaction with your service. Since we learned that this is not the common review-type, he isn’t liable to do it in this case. So the question is now, how to get Mr. Lazybones to review your business. Yes, like the headline says, with a reward. You have to offer an incentive. Imagination knows no limit here. There is the possibility to provide a coupon for his next purchase. Also you could do a collaboration with another company and offer its voucher. From time to time you can do a little competition. Every buyer that gives you feedback can participate in your prize draw. As you don’t know if you are dealing with a blabbermouth or lazybones you have to send your request to all of your clients. Needless to say, a chatterbox can have a bad day, too. Let them know that you appreciate, that they are spending their time to write a review and therefore it is worth to reward them.

4. Rating portal

Potential buyers tend to search on different websites to classify your business. Nowadays there are diverse common platforms that bring all reviewers together and thus allow a genuine, overall opinion. It is advisable to register on a few of them, to be trendy and of course competitive. Shopvote and Yelp are two examples. And of course add a little banner or link on your website to the third-party website to raise attention. Here are some tips how to get more positive reviews on Yelp.

5. Make it easy

The process of giving feedback should be as simple as possible. Remember, time is money. So don’t let your customers search hours for a chance to write a review, they won’t do it anyway. Put direct links from your website to your profiles on rating platforms and also some to your website from your social media accounts. You can add them in different places, like newsletters or confirmation emails.

6. Public

If your clients are now willing to give feedback, then you are the king. To show them how much you appreciate customer reviews, publish them. Visitors will know that you welcome customer feedback and this ensures their motivation to do it either.



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