6 reasons why your company should be on snapchat


Everybody’s talking about Snapchat…

“Wait a second, there is just a snap coming in. – Laughter – Sorry friend, now you can continue, I am listening again.”

But what is the whole Snapchat hype actually about?

Snapchat is an App which enables you to show your friends every single step of your daily routine in a kind of light speed. You can take photos from your family’s visit, the delicious pasta dish you had for lunch or your new pyjama before going to bed. The topic of your content doesn’t play any role. The point is to visualize parts of your life to your friends and family, in order to give them the chance to take part in your life even over big distance.

What is so special about this channel?

Of course you could send your photos via Whatsapp or Facebook but the upload on Snapchat is even faster. But the decisive difference that makes Snapchat unique from all you have known until now, is that you have to restrict the time to let other’s see your content. That means for example after 5 seconds the content is not available any more and deletes itself after being viewed, thus gone “forever”. It’s not possible to save the pictures to your image or video gallery. Every time someone takes a screenshot of your sent picture, you will get noticed by Snapchat. BUT you are able to create “longer lasting” content by adding your snaps to your daily story. The story will be available for 24 hours and can be repeated by your friends as often as they want.

What at first seemed to be a popular and funny pastime for private people, turns out to be another option for businesses to provide content for fans.

Here are a few facts to give you insights in the presence and relevance of Snapchat on this planet.

100 million: daily active users

8796: Average number of photos shared on Snapchat every second

6 billion: Number of daily videos on Snapchat

84 percent: of Snapchat users are between 16-34 years old

Reasons for your company to use Snapchat

Snapchat supports you to …

… show your human side
Snapchat is no messaging tool to present yourself as immaculate as possible. Here is no need for perfectionism demanded. The more casual and cool your pictures and movies are, the better they go down well with your fans. Snapchat makes you more reachable for the people and can also enhance the process of identification with your brand or company. For example you can show your employees to let them see who is behind your company. To sump it, the content you provide on this channel appears more personal and at eye-level.

MLS publishes funny videos and pictures for example from their players during their training, before or after their matches. Thus fans are able to have insights in their favourites‘ lives.

… let your fans feel special
A good strategy for your Snapchat marketing is to convey the feeling, that the audience watching your snaps, is special for them. Things you show on Snapchat are only available there and nowhere else. Especially if you provide codes for discounts or special offers, you can improve your customer-bonding.

… meet your audience’s needs
Smartphones and social media are playing a huge role in today’s world. As most people spend most of their daytime at work and on public transport, the way of communicating and searching for news changed. It doesn’t matter if one is using the phone for writing messages, sending photos, scrolling through someone’s timelines or playing any games, the significance of this device is huge. Due to the fact that people prefer mobile phones for their daily information supply, you can meet the right channel for their information demand and moreover it is a mobile optimized format. CNN for example feeds its fans with news in a totally different and interactive way. At the moment they keep their readers – among other things – up-to-date with news around the election.

CNN Snap from 11.02.2016

… create unique visualization
Needless to say that pictures and videos convert better then dreary texts. You can mix up pictures and short video clips to give your audience variety – and that’s not all. You can add emoticons and different filters to your snaps. What seems to be kind of amateur-like is very well received among your audience.

… grow your brand and fanbase
Snapchat is a new way to advertise, build your brand and improve the engagement of your followers. Since the fun factor is a core part of this social media channel there is no limit for creative and crazy ideas. The more funky and special, the merrier people keep watching your content every day. A daily quiz, nice and motivational quotes, jokes or special offers can help your company or brand to be more attractive and interesting. National Geographics and Tastemades are doing a good job by triggering the engagement of their fans.

National Geographics Snap from 11.02.2016

Tastemades Snap from 11.02.2016

… be up-to-date
Regarding to the facts about the growing usage of Snapchat, you should jump on the train and be one of the first companys recognizing their chances.



Screenshots of CNN, National Geographics, MSL
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