20 Free Tools and Resources to Optimize and Design your Website

How to upvalue your website without spending a penny.

The web community offers a wide variety of tools to easily design and upgrade your website with a lot of awesome features. This can save valuable time and make a web appearance more interactive, modern and fun.

1. Add This

Get more traffic with beautifully simple website tools.


2. Metrize Icons

Metrize Icons is a free icon set, it works perfectly for your apps or web projects.


3. Tutorial for Circular Navigation

A tutorial on how to create a circular navigation using CSS transforms.


4. Absolute Centering

We’ve all seen margin: 0 auto; for horizontal centering, but margin: auto; has refused to work for vertical centering. Until now!


5. Vector Shapes

Create logos and labels with these free vector shapes.


6. SlimerJS

An open source scriptable browser for web developers.


7. Login Script

A collection of 4 similar PHP login/authentication scripts for different cases.


8. Responsive Calculator

A simple calculator to help turn your PSD pixel perfection into the start of your responsive website.


9. 60 SEO Services Icons

Collection of 60 services icons.


10. Pleeease Playground

Automatically adds the necessary prefixes to your CSS code.


11. Wireframe CC

This can help to easily design a mock-up for your website.


12. Plunk App

An easy way to test clicks on a mobile phone.


13. Full Screen Responsive Slider

A full screen responsive jQuery image and content slider.


14. Patternizer

Design your own background with the free patternizer.


15. Responsive Base Framework

A simple, responsive framework built for all devices.


16. Responsive Pricing Tables

Pricing tables can be a very effective means of displaying information and helping users differentiate the options available to them.


17. Buzz!

A JavaScript HTML5 audio library.


18. Endless Icons

Flat icons and creative stuff.


19. CSS Loading Animations

In this tutorial you are shown how to make some creative css-only loading animations also known as activity indicators.


20. IE Alert

The IE7 is not up to date? – I wasn’t aware!


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