Globalisation and never ending offers on the World Wide Web changed the way people choose and buy their products. Nowadays typical online shoppers are always one step ahead of you and looking for a way to get discounts by themselves. So your job is to take advantage of their drive to save money and place your coupons exactly where they are looking for them. Due to an overflow of vouchers and coupons it is important to stand out from the mass. We are going to provide you with a few tips to optimize your digital coupon marketing.

Infographic Coupons

1. Limit your offers

Produce a nonexistent shortage of your supply. Give your clients a little push in order to make a transaction by giving your coupons an expiration date for example. Another possibility is to delimitate the amount of your codes for the purpose of affecting your customers’ speed of action to get one. You will definitely see an increasing dedication. Fixing a limit is the most important thing on top of every of the following coupon marketing campaigns.

2. Attract Prospects – WIN WIN

Induce interested people to sign up for your newsletter by giving them a particular coupon code. Thus, you will establish a first connection to potential buyers, update regularly on new information and provide them with further coupons. It’s a win-win situation, both sites benefit. One is receiving a discount and the other gets an opportunity for a contact in the future. It’s only a matter of time they will return, take advantage of your special offer and purchase in the end.

3. Make some of your coupon codes precious

Coupons placed on common coupon websites might lose their value since everyone has easy access to them. Today’s trend is going to individualized products so it’s your turn to give your existing customers and especially potential buyers the feeling of being special. Generate a number of unique coupon codes and give your clients the opportunity to download their own code with a link in your newsletter.

4. Recompense your fans

Users of social media platforms following, sharing or liking your page, are a relevant target group. They are already committed to you and need to be rewarded. Provide them with a special offer to boost their engagement. Your additional benefit: getting the attention of their own followers and friends and increase your sales opportunities.

5. Give your coupons a professional look

If you don’t want to get lost in the offered mass of coupons, focus your attention on a proper design of your digital coupons. It’s important to keep the content short and don’t forget to include your logo. As most purchases are made online it’s not necessary anymore to print your coupons. Twofold profit: environment protection and money saving!

6. Don’t give up – Make use of your options

A terminated sale process is no reason to worry in the first place. Use this as a chance to win back a potential purchaser by sending an email with a coupon code. You might succeed convincing him the second time by giving him the feeling to be The same applies to an unfinished market basket. Nowhere near it’s a lost customer.

7. Give your campaign a name

In every case a coupon with a meaningful name is attracting more attention. If you are following the “limit your offer” advice you can give your coupon campaigns appropriate names like “spring special” for example.

8. Bring a partner on board to raise awareness

Take into consideration that more people will pay attention if you collaborate with a well-known company for a special campaign. If people order your product send them a coupon for your partner and vice versa. That move doubles your sales opportunity.

9. Exhaust all possibilities

If you are a company with brisk email communication to your customers, it is to your advantage to have an easy access to their unconscious perception by inserting the coupon code in your signature and enhance your chances for a sale.

10. Evaluate your coupon activity

Don’t forget to measure the results of your effort. Have a look at the success of the coupon codes. Especially if you have spread your codes on different ways you are able to outweigh their profitability in the future. Try different things and stick to the things that work best for your business case.


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